The Quality And Beauty Of Harmon Stoves

The Harman Stove Company was created more than three decades ago by Dane Harman an accomplished welder with an eye for great design. It all began in an effort to lower his family’s high heating bills. He created his own wood stove which immediately drew the attention of neighbors who began asking him to build one for them as well. It was not very long before the overwhelming demand for his Harmon stoves became so high that he had to move out of his garage work area. In order to keep up with production demand, the Harman Stove Company was created.

  • Every model of Harmon stoves is created with the latest and most innovative technology available as well as excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail. These quality stoves carry the pride of their founder. The beauty of Harman stoves, combined with a number of unique options and functions and a product that is easy to use, has firmly grounded this brand as an industry leader for today’s home heating solutions. From their humble beginnings back in 1979 to their newest and most advanced model, every Harman stove is crafted to exacting standards. These are stoves that are manufactured to provide true comfort and beauty and only the highest quality products bear the Harman name.


  • Hearth & Home Technologies, or HHT, acquired Harman stoves in 2007 and retained its headquarters in the beautiful city of Halifax, Pennsylvania. The acquisition of the well-known and respected Harman brand has allowed these innovative stoves to now be offered not only domestically, but worldwide as well. HHT is the world’s largest manufacturer and producer of fireplace products and fireplaces. They continue to provide the superb quality and beauty these stoves were originally founded on. In fact, HHT currently holds several patents and utilize award winning technology in the wide selection of products they manufacture.


  • Hearth & Home Technologies is now producing a complete array of fireplaces, stoves and hearth products, all designed to meet the needs of today’s consumers. They offer wood burning fireplaces as well as electric, gas and even pellet fireplace designs. In addition to the wide range of fireplace options, they currently have 36 different types of stoves available to meet the needs of homeowners around the world. However, HHT offers more than just fireplaces and stoves, they also have a great selection of inserts, hearths and other heating needs that can help consumers heat their homes while making them as attractive as possible. In fact, HHT offers a complete line of heating options including central heating systems that burn corn, coal and a variety of alternative biomass fuels.


  • Harman brand stoves are only one of the stoves offered by HHT, other industry leaders offered by this world renown company include Quadra-Fire, Heatilator, Heat & Glo, Outdoor Lifestyles and many others. With such a wide selection of heating options to choose from, the ongoing innovations and product selections from this company, their future as an industry leader is certain to be secure.


  • In fact, Hearth & Home Technologies continues to strive for innovative methods to provide solutions for all types of home heating needs. They incorporate the latest technology and state of the art materials into their designs and manufacturing processes in order to ensure the continued satisfaction of their global market base. Their commitment to providing top-quality products that are as reliable as they are functional is always a priority in every product they create. However, even with a focus on innovation, technological advances and company growth, they always maintain their primary focus on making homes more comfortable and convenient.


  • There are a couple of factors that certainly help contribute to the continued growth and popularity of the many products offered by HHT. For one thing, they are always looking for creative and innovative ways in which to bring not only comfort, but convenience to the homes they service. Additionally, they strive to provide a healthier and safer environment, both in the home as well as outside the home. With clean burning stoves and fireplaces, as well as the option to choose biomass fuels and other natural fuel sources, HHT continues to be a leader for today’s heating solutions as well as healthier lifestyles.

The solutions offered for today’s heating problems can be found in the vast array of innovative and quality products that have been designed with unique and distinctive features to make them not only convenient and comfortable, but also safe and efficient. HHT partners closely with home builders as well as homeowners in an effort to help them create a beautiful and functional solution to their heating needs. It is certainly clear that they are striving to keep creating the best products for today’s homeowner.