Top 5 Quality Brand Pellet Stoves

We all know the advantages of wood pellet stoves—they do not need to be refilled daily, they are eco-friendly, they heat by convection and are therefore safer for children, they use waste wood pellets as fuel, they do not require frequent daily cleaning and so on and so forth. If your pellet stove also comes with an automatic starter, thermostat and back-up battery power, then there can be nothing better to warm your home during those cruel chilled winter weeks.

It is not surprising then that pellet stoves are becoming increasingly popular. More and more people are opting for them over other methods of heating. As a result of this, many companies have come up with a huge line-up of wood pellet stoves. But not all of these companies sell quality products. For a new buyer, it can be confusing to decide which company to trust. To help such buyers, here is a list of top 5 quality brand pellet stoves —these are companies that have been around for a while and which know their business well. You can unblinkingly trust them for the quality of their products.

Harman Stove Company:

  • With an experience of 25 years, Harman tops our list of best wooden pellet stove brands. Harman stoves are built by experts and enjoy enormous popularity among consumers. Built with cutting-edge technology, Harman stoves have many modern features that make their usage simpler, easier and safer.


  • Quadra-fire, with its reliable, eco-friendly and easy-to-use products, comes a close second in this list. The company knows its trade well with an experience of two decades. If you sign up on their site, you get $100 off on your next purchase.


  • If you want an elegant simplicity in your stove, along with great quality, then Breckwell is a name you must seriously consider. The company offers a limited lifetime warranty on its products—which is an indication of the high-quality of its products. They have an experience of more than twenty years.

Lennox Hearth Products:

  • Established in 1994, Lennox Heart Products are based in Nashville, Tennessee and manufacture a huge range of indoor and outdoor fireplaces and stoves.


  • A brand of Travis Industries—the largest privately-owned stove and fireplace company in America—Avalon’s pellet stoves are decent and durable. You can be sure of the quality and customer support if you choose Avalon.

(Other honorable mentions: United States Stove Company, Enviro, Jamestown Pellet Stoves.)

While buying wood pellet stoves, keep in mind the size of the space to be warmed. Also, prefer an aesthetically-pleasing stove that suits the interiors of your house. It is recommended that you buy from the internet if you want to enjoy discounts up to hundreds of dollars.