Lopi Stoves Can Make For Comfortable And Elegant Homes

Heating a home is something that acquires a lot of importance in cold climates, and stoves are increasingly being used for this function, as opposed to olden day fireplaces. Lopi stoves are manufactured by Travis Industries and have a very firm hold in this market due to the constant innovation in their products.

History of Lopi Stoves

  • If you look at the history of the Lopi stoves, you will find that it first started with a rock musician Kurt Rumens, who, in the year 1977,  sold stoves to supplement his income. The feedback that he received from  his customers encouraged him to suggest changes and new ideas for efficient heating, which his then employer did not take much heed of. He therefore used the ideas of efficiency and aesthetics which he developed himself,  to start making Lopi stoves in 1979. Lopi was the pioneer for using clear ceramic glass and an airwash system of preheating to keep wood fires visible in the their stoves. They were the first manufacturers to receive an EPA certification for their non-catalytic wood stoves in 1984. They made further innovations in wood, gas and pellet burning stoves as well as inserts and fireplaces and are a brand that is famous for such hearth design products. Lopi was taken over by Travis Industries in 1988 along with another brand Avalon. Lopi stoves continue to be sold under their own brand name by the acquiring company.

Types of Stoves

  • When you are in the market for a heating stove you will do well to examine all the alternatives that are available with Lopi stoves. You can use this stove for the heating of a new home or for remodeling an existing area in the home. You need to initially decide on the heating medium that is convenient for you to use for such a stove. You can get stoves that use gas, wood or pellets as a source of heat.


Gas Fueled Stoves

  • One main advantage with gas fuel stoves is that they are independent of any need for electricity and can even work during power outages brought on by very inclement weather. The fuel is also very convenient to use once it is set up, and is also a fuel that burns very cleanly and with the least pollution. The models of Lopi stoves that use gas as a fuel can include those that actually look like the comforting wood fires. Modernity is addressed by heat controls that operate with a touch of a button and thermostat controls that can vary the heat output and regulate the flame.

Stoves that use Wood

  • If you are still keen to go the old fashioned way and prefer food fires, Lopi stoves also have models that use this naturally renewable source for burning. Obviously this source is also independent of any electricity, and the aroma of burning wood and the sounds and sights that such fires bring is a constant delight. Lopi stoves that use wood have convection systems that circulate the heat. They ensure smokeless fires when the stove is started or wood is replenished. The faces of such stoves can have a number of designs that give a view of the fire, while the heat output can be very warming. It however does require a steady supply of wood, something that may not be very easy in cities.

Pellets Stoves are Convenient

  • As an alternative one can go in for stoves that burn pellets as fuel. Such pellets are widely available and normally come from recycled waste wood that is quite safe to use. It is also very easy to store pellets as compared to wood. The heat producing source is also environmentally friendly and comes from natural and renewable sources. The main advantage of such stoves over wood stoves is that they are very easy to load. Pellets can also be of the type that burn for a long time, thus reducing any need for constant replenishment.  Lopi stoves that use this fuel have thermostats and can be ignited automatically. They are quiet in operation.

Lopi stoves are very durable and made of materials that last a long time. There is a very wide variety of finishes and designs available that can fit in with any décor.