For The Best Stoves Choose Breckwell Stoves

In the early 1980’s two entrepreneurial minded individuals,  employed in what was then a struggling lumber industry, joined forces with a view to manufacturing and marketing the ultimate in pellet stoves. They did so having already established a corporate umbrella for the project, National Steelcrafters. These two individuals, Al Breckel and Dave Wells, also joined part of their surnames together to name their products Breckwell Stoves when, in the late 1980’s, they had created and tested the first pellet stove insert. Today, in terms of their products, the company offers the marketplace four quality and distinct types of stoves as well as their own vacuum product. In terms of their highly valued customers, they offer full technical support, excellent warranties and, generally, fully responsive customer support.

  • In line with their first beginnings the company offers a range of eight different pellet stoves.  These stoves are fueled by little pellets formed from sawdust and other timber by products. The owner of the product is guaranteed to enjoy the all consuming warmth and  homely flames common to wood stoves. A completely smoke free product with the added functional benefits of automatic ignition and self feeding. Furthermore, as the pellets are CO2 neutral there is no harmful greenhouse gas effect associated with product.



  • As well as specific pellet fuelled stoves the company also offers what it calls the Heartland Multi-Fuel Heater. This enables pellets to be used as the fuel or, alternatively, whole shelled corn. It comes with the tradition based styling a customer would expect. The easy to operate, competitively priced stove offers genuine value for money.


  • The range of Breckwell Stoves doesn’t end there, though. Three different wood stove options are available, too. It is possible to choose either a free standing version or a fireplace insert one. With a glass door, automatically always clean, there is a captivating view to be had of flickering, dancing flames. In short, these are  efficient, warm, clean burning, top quality wood stoves.


  • To complete the full range of stoves on offer there are two types of gas stoves to choose from. With two out of three homes in the US opting for gas stoves it is not surprising that Breckwell offer two of their own splendid versions. Their Direct Vent Gas Stoves product enables the stove to be placed practically anywhere in a home without the use of a vertical chimney. Whether used in a kitchen, bedroom, living room, dining room, or even a mobile home, the direct version is ideal. Ideal because, above all, it does not pollute and degrade air quality due to the technicalities involved in the venting system. Air goes directly into the system and exhaust goes directly out all via an inner pipe.

Finally, in terms of stoves, there is the option of the B-Vent Gas Stoves. Based on a natural draft system this stove is easy to install and use and is comparatively inexpensive. Yet it still retains the quality craftsmanship Breckwell is famous for.

To comprehensively round off and complete the product range there is a company produced ash vacuum to help in stove maintenance upkeep. It is suitable whether pellets, wood or corn is used as the main fuel. It has a rust resistant tank with a capacity of 6.5 gallons.

It is evident, then, that since the early 1980’s the entrepreneurial enthusiasm and diligence of two partners has evolved into the formation of a quality stove manufacturing and marketing company. A company focused specifically on stoves yet, through its broad range of pellet, multi fuel, wood and gas of offers available, capable of satisfying any discerning prospective customer regardless of style and type preferences. And a fully responsive technical back up and customer support availability elevates the company, Breckwell Stoves, to the higher echelons of the industry.