An Overview And History Of The Quadra Fire Company

Quadra Fire is an innovative company that produces clean, alternative-energy home heating products. They are committed to producing state-of-the-art hearth and heating products that are highly efficient and eco-friendly. Quadra Fire products consistently win awards for their groundbreaking use of technology to produce environmentally friendly, clean burning stoves and appliances. In addition, the company is lauded for its close partnerships with homeowners and builders as well as its outstanding treatment of and investment in employees.

  • The company began as a response to the new regulations on stoves set in place by the EPA. While many wood stove producers either quit all together or began to look at catalytic combustion as a solution to the regulations, Quadra Fire founders Alan Trusler and Dan Henry decided to go a different route. They devised a system where the stoves would burn and re-burn gases and smoke in four separate zones without using catalytic combustion. This was a breakthrough for the wood-burning stove industry as it was one of the first non-catalytic stove models that was clean and energy efficient. In 1986 the duo patented the innovative Quadra-Burn system.


  • Over the years, Quadra Fire products have continued to increase in popularity due to their easy-to-use, environmentally friendly home heating products. In 1990 the company introduced automatic, self-burning pellet appliances that had the added benefit of heat exchange and fuel feed systems for cleaner, more efficient heating. 1993 saw the release of high-efficiency gas burning stoves made of porcelain and in a range of colors. In 2006 Quadra Fire began producing stoves with the Load, Light, Live technology, which made their wood-burning stoves easy to use and extremely effective in heat output. Today, they continue to produce high quality products from their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Colville, Washington.


  • Some further examples of the unique, forward thinking technologies of Quadra Fire include Automatic Combustion Control, a system that regulates the airflow in the hearth for better heat and efficient and clean burns. The FireBrick Technology uses a patented material made of ceramic fibers to produce the heat and light of a wood-burning fire without the mess of ashes and noise of a fan. And the Zone Heating system allows users to redirect heat to the places in the home that need it most, allowing homeowners to save money and energy.


  • Products by Quadra Fire have also been officially lauded by organizations that recognize innovations and advances in design and technology. In 2003 the Quadra Fire model 7100 won the prestigious Best New Hearth Product at the Vesta Awards. Three years later, the Vesta Awards again honored the company for their Advanced Energy (AE) Mt. Vernon Insert, which won Best New Hearth Product, and the QFP44 model, which won Best Gas Fireplace. In addition, out of all the non-catalytic wood stoves tested by the EPA, Quadra Fire products are the cleanest burning.


  • Quadra Fire is a member of Hearth & Home Technologies (HHT), a company that is dedicated to producing, developing and installing quality hearth products. The brand produces a range of products including stoves, inserts, fireplaces, mantels, outdoor products, accessories, and more. The stoves are mainly made from high quality steel, with design and style in mind. In addition, they are durable, reliable, and easy to use. And of course, each stove comes with the advanced Quadra-Burn technology to ensure that there are low particulate emissions, yet high efficiency and increased heat output.


  • Perhaps one of the reasons for the company‚Äôs success is its far-reaching vision, and close connection to the people who are most closely involved with the product. Partners at Quadra Fire seek out homeowners and homebuilders for advice, suggestions and new ideas. In addition, employees are called members, and are considered valuable assets for the company in terms of investment, leadership and creativity. In fact, Forbes magazine and Fortune magazine have both recognized HHT as one of the top companies to work for in the United States.

Overall, Quadra Fire is a company that uses advanced technology and high quality materials to produce products that are both attractive and environmentally friendly. They consistently win awards and recognition for their cutting edge, energy efficient, clean home heating products, and continue to come out with creative ideas for clean burning non-catalytic appliances. Furthermore, the company prides itself on its close relationship with the consumers as well as its strong commitment to the interests of the employees.