How Pellet inserts Perform Better than the Fireplace

Pellet stoves are a great way to save money on heating costs during the winter months. While this may be true, not every person buying a pellet stove is looking to take up all the space in their home for a free-standing unit. This is because the units themselves are rather large and they are required to sit at least one inch away from the wall. This is why many people looking to enjoy the benefits oif the pellet stove will opt for pellet inserts instead.

Where the Insert Goes

Instead of sitting in the middle of the room taking up space, pellet inserts will reside in the space which has been used as the fireplace. The unit is designed to simply slide right into the fireplace and utilize the chimney for exhaust. This will spare you from having to find a way to snake the exhaust pipes from the pellet stove through your home to the outside. This is more like making an addition to your fireplace than it is like installing a heating system.

Reason for Higher Performance

For those mourning the loss of the fireplace, keep in mind that pellet inserts do a much better job of heating the home. This is because there is not as many fumes and the exhaust does not have to be as large. Instead of all the heat simply going up the chimney, it will be used to heat the room it sits in. Another reason for the higher performance is the fact that the pellets burn hotter and longer than traditional wood logs have the ability to.

Saving You Money

Another reason for the greater performance of pellet inserts lies in the fact that it is far more economical. In most homes, the fireplace is little more than show. The heat it produces is not shared with the home. Only those directly next to the fire will enjoy greater warmth. The fuel itself is far more expensive for a log fire. With the pellets costing less than $4 a pound, it simply makes sense to heat your home through this means.